Family Owned, Family Operated, and Clarksville Proud

When you rent from us you’re not just renting the “stuff” you need to throw a great party or event, you’re gaining an experienced partner to make your event a stress-free experience for you and an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience for your guests.

So many times we get asked “how did you get started in a bounce house business?” It’s a great question and one we love to tell! When our kids were younger they looked forward to their birthday’s because we always rented a bounce house for them. We watched how much happiness an inflatable brought to our kids and their friends. It was a tradition! 

When life started settling down some and we had the opportunity to change careers these memories came back. We thought, researched, prayed, and worked with other companies to make sure it was something we thought we could do. Then Covid happened! As you all know a lot changed then and the real opportunity presented itself to go forward with the dream of being business owners. So here we are 5 “seasons” later. It is an absolute joy delivering that happiness we saw in our children’s eyes to you and your kids.

We love our job. Sometimes it hot, dirty, and the days are long. But it’s always worth it. We love our customers. It’s because of you we have the best jobs in the world! 

We also have the best crew in the world! Over the years we’ve had several young men work with us, graduate from high school or college then move on to “big boy jobs”  They are some of the most professional, kind, polite, and hard working guys we could ask for. When you see them, give them a high-five, they work really hard 🙂

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